Mobile Miles
Did you know that we are on the road each week to help those fighting cancer within our 10-parish service area? Look for us inside our medical partners' facilities to see how we can help you. More Info >>

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Nutrition 365 Blog
We are excited about Nutrition 365: Monthly Whole Food Education for Cancer Prevention! Each month, we'll dive into topics such as healthy fats, food additives, plant protein, and more! 

Somatics Class: May 24: 11AM-12 PM
Massage: May 24: 2-5PM

Our Lady of Lourdes

sponsors Mobile Miles.

Miles Perret Cancer Services is a haven for individuals and their families fighting, surviving, and living with cancer. We are here to provide emotional support, guidance, resources, programs, and most of all, hope. Our services are comprehensive and always provided at no charge. No appointment is necessary and there are no qualifications.




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