Miles Perret Cancer Services

How Does it Work?

MPCS provides a speaker for a school wide presentation to kick off the project so students understand how they are helping and why it is important. MPCS provides special bottles for each student to collect change and information cards explaining the project to parents. Collection day includes a small thank you for each student from MPCS.

For more information or to schedule your Change for Miles Campaign, please contact: Addi DuCote, Partnership Engagement Coordinator, at 337-984-1920 or

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School Steps:

  1. Select a start date and length of time for collection.
  2. Schedule a Miles Perret Cancer Services' presentation to kick-off your service project and hand out bottles.
  3. Miles Perret Cancer Services will provide a bottle for every student at school and signs about the project.
  4. Miles Perret Cancer Services will organize a Collection Day at the end of the project, and MPCS staff and volunteers that will collect student's bottles.

Teacher Resources

Change For Miles - MPCS

Our goal is to help educate your students about cancer while they discover the difference their change can make to help local families fight cancer. So here are a few resources for you:

Change the poppy red color: