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  • MilesStrong - a10-week program for cancer patients currently in treatment. The program specializes in exercise, education and support.

  • Personal Training - physical fitness program that pairs a survivor with a personal trainer. Every exercise prescription is tailored to each person's individual goals and limitations. Training is available 5 days a week.

  • Nutrition Navigation - These quarterly classes are well-suited for cancer survivors wanting to navigate the basic role food choices play in wellness.

  • Nutrition 365 Blog - Our Monthly Whole Food Education for Cancer Prevention Blog is a great way to learn about such topics as healthy fats, food additives, plant protein, and more! Check out the blog for posts, handouts, recipes, and more.

  • Massage Therapy - Licensed massage therapists offer 30-minute massages for clients. Physician approval is required, and priority is given to active level 1 clients (those within 18 months of diagnosis).

  • Group Exercise Classes:
    • Toning & Pilates - a group exercise class that consists of 30 minutes of light weights and 30 minutes of core exercising. Classes are offered twice a week with a certified instructor.

    • Yoga - a group exercise class that promotes physical health through guided stretching and focused breathing. Classes are offered 3x a week with a certified instructor. All skill levels are welcome.

    • Core Stability Express- a 30-minute class involving a wide variety of exercises and movements to strengthen and stabilize the muscles of the core and trunk. Classes are offered twice a day on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    • Circuit Toning & Stretch - a group exercise class that consists of two (2) 30-minute sections. First part is a series of strength exercises performed in 1-minute intervals in a rotating pattern around the room. The second part is gentle stretching to increase flexibility and range of motion. Classes are offered the first and third Saturday each month.


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