Games of Acadiana

Aug 22, 2020

History of the Games

On August 25, 2001, the first Games of Acadiana (GOA) was held at the Cajundome. GOA was the vision of family and friends of 8-year old Miles Perret, who lost his battle with cancer in 1996. The amazing success of the first GOA enabled Miles Perret Cancer Services to open less than a year later.

Volunteer For the Games

Event Schedule

Opening Ceremony Details:

Each year Games of Acadiana begins with Opening Ceremonies at 10:00am. All cancer survivors are invited to take a short victory walk from the back of the Convention Center to the front while the crowd cheers. (Survivors should register beginning at 9:00am in Convention Center lobby to participate in short walk). After, a guest artist performs the national anthem and a brief program is held! *Survivors can check in from 9:00am - 1:00pm to receive a survivor t-shirt (sizes first come, first served). Survivors should be there by 9:45am to participate in short Survivor Walk during Opening Ceremonies.


  • 9:00 AM - Convention Center Doors Open
  • 9:00 AM - Survivor "Check-In” Begins (Convention Center Lobby)
  • 10:00 AM - Opening Ceremonies (Convention Center)
  • 1:00 PM - Survivor Registration Area closes
  • 4:00 PM - Games of Acadiana ends

Becoming A Sponsor

Games of Acadiana - Miles Perret - Ronald Mcdonald

Sponsorship Info:

Games of Acadiana is our largest fundraising event, and the main source of revenue is through sponsorships. Each event or game has a sponsor or several co-sponsors. We have a variety of sponsorship levels that can meet the needs of any type of business. With a reach of more than 10,000 participants, your company or community group is sure to get noticed.

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  • Honorees

    At MPCS, we are privileged to witness the courage of cancer survivors as they encounter the challenges of a diagnosis. Each year, in recognition of their strength and determination, we honor a different cancer survivors as our Honorees.

  • Food Options

    We are excited to offer the popular Spaghetti Dinner made possible by generous food sponsors. Cost is $6 per person.

    We also offer cookies ($1 each) while supplies last! Proceeds benefit MPCS.

  • Parking

    There is no charge for parking at either the Cajundome or Convention Center. Parking is also available at Cajun Field.


  • What does it cost to attend Games?

    Thanks to generous sponsors and donors in our community, there is no admission fee for Games of Acadiana. It is a fun, family-friendly day that honors cancer survivors and celebrates life. However, by making a $10 donation, you will receive our new GPS (Give. Play. Support) wristband. As a thank you for donating to support our mission, you will be able to play four special games.

  • How old do you have to be to attend? Do you allow strollers?

    There is no minimum or maximum age; all are invited and encouraged to play. We have a few games with age or height/weight restrictions.

    Yes, strollers are allowed. We also have stroller parking outside of the Pre-School Play Area so that you can leave your stroller while you play.

  • How does Games of Acadiana raise money if there is no cost to attend?

    Games of Acadiana (GOA) raises money for Miles Perret Cancer Services through sponsorships. Each game/activity has a sponsor. Additionally, there are opportunities for participants to donate at our Change for Miles stations or in donation boxes located throughout the event.

  • How do I donate at Games of Acadiana?

    Participants may donate at our Change for Miles stations or Information tables in both the Convention Center and Cajundome Lobbies. Additionally, there are a few donation boxes located throughout the event.

  • Is there an ATM available?

    Yes, there are ATMs in the Convention Center lobby.

  • Do you accept credit cards?

    Yes, we accept credit cards to purchase items in Milesy Mart and GPS (Give. Play. Support) wristbands. Spaghetti Dinner and Bake Sales are cash/check only.

  • How do I register a survivor?

    Survivors are asked to "check-in” at the Survivor Area in the lobby of the Convention Center on the morning of the event. There is no need to register in advance. Doors will open at 9:00am for check-in to begin.

  • Do you have special parking for survivors?

    Unfortunately, there is no special parking for survivors.

  • How do you honor Survivors?

    Games of Acadiana is an annual event that honors survivors and celebrates life! Survivors kick off the fun during Opening Ceremonies through the short Survivor Walk (stroll). Each survivor receives a special t-shirt (while supplies last) to wear during the walk. Additionally, survivors and one guest can enjoy special seating areas for eating and watching the fun-filled activities of the day.

  • What is the Survivor Walk?

    Don’t worry … no running shoes needed! The Survivor Walk kicks off Opening Ceremonies with a short parade (stroll) of cancer survivors walking from the back of the Convention Center to the front while the crowd cheers. (Survivors should be there by 9:45am to participate.) Survivors make the short walk as a group to "Gonna Fly Now,” the theme song from Rocky! Participants often tell us this is a powerful and emotional time of celebrating life and feeling connected to the community. For many, this annual event is a milestone marker of celebration.

  • Will you sell cancer bracelets?

    Yes, we will have the latex-free silicone wristbands in various cancer specific colors for sale in Milesy Mart. Each bracelet is $3.00.

  • Will you have the current poster for sale?

    Yes, we will have a 16”x20” copy of the poster signed by the artist for sale in Milesy Mart for $10.00.

  • What t-shirts will be for sale?

    We will have our current poster t-shirts for sale in youth and adult sizes (while supplies last). Poster t-shirts are sold for $15. We also sell our pink ribbon shirts, Milesy shirts, and GOA graphic shirts. Check out Milesy Mart in the Convention Center Lobby to see our selection.

  • What items will be for sale in Milesy Mart?

    Each year our options vary, but here are the items you can expect to see this year:

    • Cancer specific bracelets (adult size, some colors)
    • Cancer specific keychains (some colors)
    • Cancer specific mini car magnets (some colors, 3”)
    • Various T-shirts
    • This year's signed poster prints
  • I have a group that wants to volunteer? Can we volunteer together?

    We have some games/activities that can accommodate a group of volunteers. Please note that all in group must be 16 years or older. Please contact our volunteer coordinator in advance to schedule your group to participate.

  • What do volunteers wear?

    We provide yellow t-shirts for all our volunteers; however, some companies that are corporate sponsors may prefer their employees to wear company shirts during a volunteer shift. Volunteers will receive a t-shirt during "check-in” at the Volunteer Tent. Please also wear shorts or pants of your choice and comfortable shoes.

  • How do I volunteer for Games?

    Games of Acadiana needs over 1,100 volunteers to run successfully! If you are 16 years or older, we would love for you to sign up, and our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you prior to the event to match you with a volunteer position. We have needs on Friday, set up day, before the event as well as Saturday, Game Day. On Saturday, Game Day, our volunteer shifts are four (4) hours and split into a morning or afternoon shift. Once assigned by phone or email in advance, you just need to "check-in” at the volunteer tent before your shift starts.

    You may also show up the day of the event to Volunteer Registration in the Cajundome Lobby. We sometimes have slots still available.

Poster Art

2019 Poster Art

It was an honor and a delight to work with the incredible team at Miles Perret this year. My poster concept was inspired by the story of 1000 paper cranes, in which folding 1000 oragami cranes in a year can grant a wish. It was my wish that by painting at least 100 oragami cranes, I could support MPCS in their incredible mission.. During the painting process, my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer, which made this piece even more personal. So each crane was painted with a prayer for the health of those whose lives have been touched by this organization. The bright colors represent hope, and the cranes flying with Milesy towards the Games are meant to show how the mission of MPCS is a journey we make together. I pray that all of Acadiana's survivors and their families will be able to join Milsey and his paper crane friends at Games of Acadiana this year, and in years to come. I cannot thank this incredible organization enough for their kindness, charity, and support.

Olivia Doucet
2018 Poster Art

"It has been a pleasure and my privilege to work as the GOA artist this year. This selection is a blessing in my life just like MPCS is a blessing upon this community. When I was drawing up designs, I was thinking of the phrase "Join the Team." I saw MPCS as this big athletic team with a winning mentality and a very specific goal in mind. I've played sports all my life, and I know what it means to step out onto a field and play with a purpose. My design is meant to embody a jersey that represents that team effort to do amazing acts of charity here in Acadiana. When I think of jerseys, I think of stripes. The color of the stripes derive from the color of the stripes derive from the colors of the Acadiana flag. Next, I wanted to create a symbol that encompassed the roots of Acadiana but also included iconography to represent the many services that are available at MPCS. What was born was a Fleur de Lis made up of symbols for each of those services and has Milesy at the center of it."

Cory Stewart
2017 Poster Art

"It has been a joy and honor to join hands with Miles Perret Cancer Services in creating the 2017 Games of Acadiana poster. Stepping foot into this opportunity, my aim was to create a piece that communicates clearly what the GOA is all about, which lead me to the mission, vision, and core values of MPCS. In the 2017 poster, Milesy stands before a treasure chest, overflowing with hope, support, healing, faith, and love. These are words that MPCS not only cherishes but aspires to share by providing services that help families fight, survive, and live with cancer, at no charge. MPCS is able to lift families up largely by the generosity of sponsors, volunteers, and participants of GOA. The treasure within the chest captures what makes up the GOA and more so serves as a catalyst for spreading joy, bringing the community together, and changing lives.”

Cindy Tee
2016 Poster Art

"I am honored to be chosen as the poster artist for Games of Acadiana this year. Games of Acadiana is a vital part of Lafayette and I am thankful that I have been given the chance to show Acadiana what Games of Acadiana means to me. I've attended Games since I was a child. As a student of Ascension Episcopal School, the very school Miles Perret attended, support for MPCS was central to our dedication to service. The poster art contains four vines, representing "Play Through the Seasons," Each vine is vibrant and filled with fun elements that represent the fun games available. The vines originate from Miles, since without MPCS, Games of Acadiana would not exist. The sun shines behind Mile's heads and hands, showing the hope and light the MPCS brings to families fighting, surviving and living with cancer."

Victoria Topham
2015 Poster Art

"I am extremely humbled to have been chosen as the GOA artist this year - especially as it marks the 15th year of Games of Acadiana. I could not think of a better cause to use my talent to help. I began by thinking about what GOA means to me. To me, Games is a fun, playful event that spreads the message of families living with, fighting, and surviving cancer. The bright colors represent the playfulness of the event. The different sports on the cake show the wide range of activities the event offers. I chose to put Miles looking between the candles like any kid would be, eagerly waiting to blow out the candles. The 15 represents the 15 years of the GOA, but it also conveys the year 2015. The Milesy icon is depicted under the cake showing how the organization is there through every family's journey - lifting them up and aiding them through such a difficult time. I am extremely proud of this poster, and I could not be more honored to have been asked to create this piece of art."

Dailey Thibeaux
2014 Poster Art

"Creating a concept for this painting was a big challenge and required thought and prayers. Normally, I would concentrate on tones, depth, and shadow, but the concept was more important than beauty for this piece. A childhood game came to mind, and I knew it was God’s plan—a medical-based game would perfectly represent this playful event. I am thankful to God for talent and blessings; family, friends, and coworkers for support; and MPCS for the opportunity. I am honored to be the 2014 GOA poster artist, and I can’t wait to see the piece reprinted for event use.”

Theon Guillory
2013 Poster Art

"I am truly honored to partner with Miles Perret Cancer Services in the creation of this painting to promote the 2013 Games of Acadiana. It is an amazing opportunity to play a small part in actualizing the mission of this organization that is a blessing to our community. I have lost both parents to cancer, so I am inspired by MPCS and the people that survive and live with cancer every day. As a community, we can make a difference! Collect your friends, and go play!"

Christa Billeaud
2012 Poster Art

"It was an honor to create this special piece for MPCS. I have walked with family and friends through cancer, and I understand the ripple effect that cancer creates. Pulling from these experiences, I chose to focus the piece on the positive things such as constant support from friends, continuous prayers fro strength and courage, and love that grew exponentially day-to-day."

Bonnie Camos